What should I look for when hiring a painter?

It's important to know that the painter painting your home is experienced enough to do a great job. As a homeowner, you can start off by asking for the amount of time the painter has been working/ painting so that you may gain insight. You would also find that its important to keep track of the recommendations the painter gives in terms of color and design to see his knowledge in the field, such as the type of paint finishes for different parts of the house, for example, what paint finish would be best for bathroom, kitchen, and hallways. It's always a good idea to ask about the process of actually painting the house. What are the steps that go into painting the house and what is to be expected. Finally, it's not a bad idea to ask for pictures of past projects that they have done so you get a good insight into the level of work they do!

What can I do to make the process go more smoothly?

As a homeowner, it's important to discuss the actions you can take in making the process very smooth. One of the things that we tell our clients is to remove valuable items or furniture before the start of the project. Items such as small home decor, pictures, or portraits. Of course, we do not expect our clients to move heavy furniture, we are happy to move them for you. Teamwork is essential in having the project go faster and more efficiently.

When do I pay you?

Payment for all of our jobs are as follows: after the invoice has been sent, 30-40% of the total amount must be given as a deposit prior to the start of the project and the rest of the payment will be made upon completion. If the total amount is above $10,000 then the homeowner can opt to pay 1/3 of the amount at the start of the job, 1/3 during the project (halfway through), and the final 1/3 upon completion.

How will my personal property be protected from paint?

We take pride in making sure we do our job professionally, and that includes making sure not a single drop is found on any item of value. At the start of the project, we first begin with covering the floor with a thick plastic cover for maximum protection. We then cover more items such as kitchen cabinets, furniture such as couches, TVs, and more. After the project is completed, the plastic is removed and everything is cleaned up. You can find examples of our work in our gallery or in our websites.

What hours do the crew normally work?

When It comes to the hours our crew typically work, it really depends on our client. We tend to be pretty flexible and work around our clients. Normally our crews tend to work either from 8 AM-4 PM or 9 AM-5 PM. However, if there is a situation in which our clients would need to change those hours, we can figure out a time that works for both of us.

Do you charge for estimates?

All estimates are always 100% free.

Can I leave my house while your painting crew works?

Your home is always in great hands with us! We only work and hire employees that have referrals from previous jobs in order to make sure we can uphold the reputations of the company or we spend one on one time with our new employees in which we train them, teach them and finally test them. Our reviews and results are an example of that.

What kind of paint do you use?

At precision works, we only use the best quality paint from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.